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“I have known Kris for about 7 years now. When I get to work with Kris I know my lead will be worked and I feel confident he will take care of my customer’s needs. I recommend Kris as a great partner for any project. He strives to be the best and uses all his resources well. Kris easily adapts to new situations, is very attentive in all he does, and wants to do what is right for all people involved. We all have to work with many different types of personalities and he manages to work well with anyone. He works well with groups and he knows how to take charge and lead them to success. Kris is a very positive, happy person with a work ethic to be admired. He has strong drive and enjoys helping others succeed.” 

         ~Janet Luna, Real Estate Agent

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kris Benko as a colleague for approximately two years. Kris exhibits several traits that demonstrate his character, work ethic, and integrity. Kris has been recognized on numerous occasions for identifying new approaches to resolving tough problems, and has consistently been engaged in helping others. He is a high-achieving performer capable of meeting any challenge set before him. I wholeheartedly endorse Kris Benko and KND Home Solutions for any situation that requires decisiveness, integrity, and the ability to deliver results.”

~Jeff K, Small Business Consultant

“I have known and worked with Kristopher Benko for five years. Kris quickly exceeds your expectations with his commitment to detail, and treating each person with the utmost respect and appreciation. Kris has a character that is trusting, hardworking, and always punctual. Kris and KND Home Solutions is great choice to make. “ 

~Patrick E, Customer Service Specialist

“I have known Kris for 5 years. He is always seeking to be the best at what he does. Kris always looks for ways to solve for the customer’s need and advise them on their best options. In today’s world there are few people that I trust with my wallet, Kris is one of them. I can trust Kris to always do the right thing. He says what he means, and follows through with those plans. He has the integrity and drive to be a winner in whatever task he takes on. I would like to fully endorse Kris and his business to help you with your home solution.”

~James Rothe, CPA Account Manager

“Kris would be an excellent candidate to be part of your group. I have known him since 2010 and have worked on the same projects as him on multiple occasions. He has many characteristics that has and will continue to make him successful. Kris is a hard worker, respectful, intelligent, friendly, helpful, and has great integrity. I have had occasions to get to know him on a personal level and he is a fun individual. Kris is a great person and anyone will benefit greatly when choosing to work with his organization.”

         ~Gabriel Alper, Investor

 “I have extreme regard of for Kristopher Benko as a colleague and a good friend.  He and I started working together in 2009.   Since then, he has been promoted to be a successful sales person and consultant dealing with a complexity of products and situations.   Kristopher is very passionate about his work and it shows in his positive results.  He is an honest, trustworthy team player and a great source of knowledge for the business.   I would personally recommend and support any venture that Kristopher would undertake.  He would truly be an asset to work on your situation.”

         ~Alfred S Galvarro, Accountant Manager

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